Five dead, two wounded after six violent days in Rockford

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Buddy Flo & D.T. - 2k14 - Me and Buddy have made at least 20 tracks together … maybe less, maybe more. We’ve made music together at 3 different cribs and four different studio set ups

Our energies are different were speaking on different things but our verses come together for the perfect balance. It’s always been like that with us even when we would go out and kick it. We both would turn up but I would turn up loud and raw and he would do it smooth … That Family Shit

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Image Collaborations - My nigga Image helped set the tape off perfect … It couldn’t be my just my voice on some songs … it had to have some reinforcements …. He came through Flo crib and I rapped out the music for him and that thing was there … we recorded my single The Journey and I knew I was gone use him for this Immortality tape 

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Family History - The 3 Lion cubs represent the core of the Epitome Family which consist of Buddy Flo, D.T., and Dame. The cubs are young kings observing and learning from the harsh realities of the jungles, much like the members of Epitome did growing up in Rockford, Illinois. Though Epitome was formed before 2010 the Family concept was not established until then,which is the reasoning behind the year. #ONLYFAMILY

(Source: immortalitymixtape)

Five dead, two wounded after six violent days in Rockford

Pictures of the Family from the set of the Hennessy tears music video. Look out for the official music video coming later this month. #Immortality #EpitomeFamily

Thank You!!!!!!!!

I really appreciate everybody that listened, downloaded, and/ or shared my mixtape. The response back has been great so far for both the page and the music as well. Hopefully in the next month we’ll be putting some visuals out from it. I’ll be updating the tumblr page every couple of days or so with new pictures, gifs, posts, and other things that go along with the mixtape as well. 


Hope none of this shit was to confusing lol and I appreciate everybody who took the time to read the story, listen to the tape, and enjoy the experience.



The Story - I feel like the importance on a GREAT body of music has been lost the past few years. People put out mixtapes left and right and don’t take the time to make them cohesive pieces of music. They’re just a bunch of random songs thrown together on a CD or in a zip folder. I wanted my mixtape to be something more. I didn’t want it to be something you just heard, liked a few tracks, and then threw to the side like what’s next. So I tried to make sure that it felt more like an album than a mixtape.

I wrote the story Rockford to relay some of the stories and experiences that I wasn’t able to get across in the music. You don’t need to read the story to understand any of the songs and you don’t have to hear the songs to understand the story either. The story and the mixtape are two separate bodies of work. The story is a fictionalized account of my life in Rockford. I never said the name of the main character of the story because he represents the average teenager growing up in Rockford, Illinois. All of the stories happened in some sort of capacity. NOTHING WAS MADE UP … just RE-ARRANGED.

Each segment of the story has some kind of connection to each of the songs on the mixtape, so once you read the story and then hear the song attached to it, it connects you more to the music and to the story as well. 

The Creation - I put pictures from actual events surrounding the mixtape on to the page as well, so that people could view the creation of the mixtape. I always love to see my favorite artist in the studio making the music and if a video camera was available throughout the process I would have recorded it, but instead we just took some pictures. I hope those suffice for now, me next project Money Falls will have video footage for the experience though.

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